Llanddwyn Island

One of the most romantic places on Anglesey, and with spectacular views over Snowdonia, Llanddwyn is really more of a peninsula than an island, as it is only cut off from the mainland by the highest tides.

Llanddwyn is the home of Dwynwen, the patron saint of lovers, and the Welsh equivalent of the English St Valentine.

Llanddwyn's location near the western approach into the Menai Straits was one of maritime significance, particularly because of the proximity of the ports at Caernarfon, Bangor, and Felinheli. This significance is reflected in the row of pilot cottages on the island, where pilots who guided boats into the ports, and particularly Caernarfon, used to live. The cannon located outside the cottages was used to summon lifeboat crews from nearby Newborough.

In addition to the pilot cottages, there are two lighthouses, Twr Bach or little tower, and, as you might expect, Twr Mawr, or big tower. Twr Mawr is distinctive in that it appears to have been modelled along the lines of an Anglesey windmill. Both lighthouses have been superceded by more modern satellite navigation techniques. Twr Mawr featured in the 2006 Hollywood film Half Light, which starred Demi Moore.

In the centre of the island lie the ruins of the church of Saint Dwynwen, dating back to the sixteenth century. There is also said to be a well nearby, but its exact location is unknown. The well was said to contain sacred fish whose movements would predict whether one's partner was likely to be faithful.