Newborough dates back to 1295, and was created to house the inhabitants of Llanfaes, who had been evicted when Beaumaris Castle was being constructed. Most visitors to Newborough are heading for Newborough Warren or Newborough Forest. However, they will then miss an architectural gem in the village, the Grade II* listed, neo-Tudor, Prichard-Jones Institute. This impressive building was opened in 1905, and extensively restored in 2009, having featured in the BBC television series "Restoration". The building is a community centre, with a library, tea room, and function rooms. Around the forecourt are alms houses.

Newborough Warren is a nature reserve, protecting the sand dunes, the beach, the island of Llanddwyn, the Cefni saltmarshes and the Afon Braint. The warren was historically a commercial rabbit breeding area, but this petered out following outbreaks of myxomatosis.

Newborough Forest is a managed plantation mainly of Corsican pines. It covers some 2,000 acres, and is home to the rare red squirrel. There are extensive forest walks, and car parking areas, with toilet facilities. The road through the forest and down to the beach is a toll road.