Llanbadrig or the Church of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Llanbadrig lies on the north coast, a short distance from the resort of Cemaes. This was said to have been founded by Saint Patrick in thanksgiving for his deliverance from a shipwreck. Nothing survives of that church, although the present structure dates back to the 14th century. Llanbadrig Church is sited on the edge of cliffs leading down to the Irish Sea. The location is impressive to say the least, and it is no surprise that it featured in the Hollywood film, Half Light, which starred Demi Moore, and which was filmed in and around Anglesey in 2006. One unusual feature of the church is the Islamic influence in the stained glass. This is a consequence of the restoration of the church in the nineteenth century by Lord Stanley, who was a Muslim.

The coastline east of Llanbadrig to Porth Wen is the most spectacular but also the most strenuous stretch of the coastal path.