Once the seat of royalty, Aberffraw was home to the Welsh princes who ruled Gwynedd until about 1300. Nothing remains of the Llys, or Court above ground, but parts of it are thought to lie under the modern village, and excavations continue.

Aberffraw now is a quiet village on the edge of expansive sand dunes. Llys Llewelyn is a rural accommodation centre created in redundant farm buildings, with a shop, gallery, tourist information and cafe. Outside, there is a slate sculpture, Y Tywsogion, or The Princes, which commemorates Aberffraw's historic royal connections.

Hen Bont Aberffraw or Aberffraw old bridge, crosses the Afon Ffraw, and dates back to 1731. The bridge was part of the main road into Aberffraw until it was bypassed in 1932.