Four Mile Bridge, or Pont Rhydybont

Before the construction of the Stanley Embankment as part of Telford's London to Holyhead A5 road, Four Mile Bridge was the only road link between Holy Island and the rest of Anglesey. A further link was constructed parallel to the Stanley Embankment when the A55 dual carriageway was built in 2001.

Between the bridge and the Stanley Embankment lies the Inland Sea, a popular area for water sports such as canoeing. The peninsula called Ynys Leurad was once the site of an Iron Age settlement, but now seems to be home to a large number of rabbits.

The village name of Four Mile Bridge arises from the fact that it was at the fourth milestone from Holyhead. The literal translation of Pont Rhydybont is the somewhat ungrammatical Ford at the Bridge Bridge. As for the bridge itself, this is a rather unimpressive low stone bridge.